At Beanstalk, our greatest asset is our people. We recruit exceptionally talented staff with a breadth of experience that is unmatched. The Beanstalk team hails from a wide range of backgrounds including licensing, brand strategy, marketing, retail, brand management, strategic planning, category-specific sales, product development, research, design and identity, law, and finance to offer our clients a dynamic account team with the right combination of skills. As our clients can attest, everyone at Beanstalk brings a strong spirit of creativity, entrepreneurship and professionalism to the development of their licensing programs.

Experts in building international licensing programs through strategic brand extensions, our staff is located throughout the world and fluent in many languages. Our understanding of country-specific trends and nuances offers clients both a local and global market perspective on branding and licensing that are instrumental in navigating successful extensions for wold-class clients.


  • Nicole Desir
    Executive Director, Blueprint and Vice President, Brand Management
  • Rachel Terrace
    Senior Vice President, Brand Management
  • Debra Restler
    Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
  • Louise French
    Associate Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, International
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