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We offer a Niche Audit Practice with Extensive Experience in Licensing and Auditing over many years

Our Philosophy

To help Intellectual Property owners develop and implement proactive auditing programs that:

·       Enhances IP Value

·       Has a positive influence on the relationship between IP owner [Licensor] and Licensee

·       Enhances Profits

Our Team

Dedicated, experienced audit teams focused on execution and audit delivery, based in New York and London.


Royalty Compliance Audits

Through a series of tests we check to ensure licensees have accounted royalties accurately as well as all licensed activities and they are in compliance with their license agreement


Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our audit work across diverse businesses, sectors and territories places us in a unique position to share with our clients this knowledge


Profit Participation, Valuations and Litigation Support

We work throughout all sectors where Intellectual Property is licensed for commercial exploitation, to provide expert analysis and recommendation


Our Experience

We have extensive experience auditing across all areas of IP including:             

Brands / Trademarks, Patents, Technology, Copyright

Business sectors covered by our audits include:

•       Apparel and Accessories

•       Audio, DVD, Video & Music

•       Automotive

•       Consumer Packaged Goods

•       Food and Beverage

•       Health & Beauty Products

•       Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

•       Home Furnishings

•       Housewares

•       Interactive Games

•       Outdoor Products

•       Publishing

•       Television & Film

•       Toys, Games & Collectibles


Why Audit

Added-Value of an Audit Program

•       Ensure Compliance and receive what Rights Owners are entitled to

•       Over 99% of our audits result in claims

•       Our experience shows royalties are under reported on average by 30% 

•       Enhance Business Partnership with Licensees

•       Ensure Brand Integrity

•       Increase Brand Value

•       Maximise Revenue Earnings

•       Improve Internal Business Processes

•       Enable better Licensee Reporting



Who We Are / Why Beanstalk

•       We understand Licensing and Auditing

•       Vast experience, with at least 70+ audits per year

•       Work undertaken on a worldwide basis – Continental Europe, UK, US, Central and South America and Far East Asia

•       Extensive experience across the range of intellectual property including trademark, copyright, patents, computer games and software, design rights, audio, film and television

•       Non-adversarial approach to royalty compliance

•       Multi-million dollar audit findings

 •       As part of our audit services:

o  We actively work with our clients on Settlement Strategy and Negotiation

o  We work with clients and their licensees to improve internal business processes

o  We leverage Beanstalk’s in-house Legal and Finance Teams’ expertise to provide guidance and best practices to inform the audit report and recommendations