Coppertone and Sesame Workshop Promote Suncare Awareness and UV Protection

June 13, 2011, Atlanta, GA., – Coppertone, America’s number one suncare brand, and Sesame Workshop today announced a promotion to help protect children from harmful UV rays and educate parents on the importance of sun protection. Nancy Bailey & Associates, a leading corporate brand licensing agency, will assist the licensing partners in launching two new product lines ? children’s t-shirts from Children’s Apparel Network and children’s headwear from InnoVision Headwear. Both product lines will come with UPF 50+ protection, and feature recognizable and adored Sesame Street characters, as well as Coppertone branding to communicate the products’ superior UV protection. The products will be available at mass retailers, catalogs, grocery, drug and department stores next spring. “Good sun protection habits cannot begin early enough during childhood. It is important to have a holistic sun protection strategy that includes sunscreen for children six months and older, sunglasses, UPF hats and shirts,” said Patricia Agin, Ph.D., Fellow, Skincare Research and Development, at the COPPERTONE Solar Research Center. “We hope that these products will provide parents with a fun, convenient way to help safeguard their children against potential skin damage from exposure to UV rays, while reinforcing the importance of sun protection at all times.”

"We are thrilled to extend Sesame Street's Healthy Habits for Life initiative, helping families establish an early foundation of healthy living," said Maura Regan, Sesame Workshop's Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Consumer Products. "Sesame Street is a natural part of a family's everyday routine, which also includes sun protection."

“Sesame Street is synonymous with child development and wellness so there couldn’t be a better partner for the Coppertone brand to support its goal of suncare education and awareness,” said Nancy Bailey, chairman, Nancy Bailey & Associates. “We’re excited to launch this initiative and watch the program grow as we add distribution channels and more manufacturing partners throughout the rest of the summer and beyond.”

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