As brand extension strategists, we think about brands a lot.

We consider how every day, new products, services and technologies are changing the way consumers interact with brands. We contemplate brand loyalty and the evolution that consumers look for from their favorite brands. We question what it takes to further unlock a brand and maintain distinction and relevance in these changing times.

We don’t believe in throwing something against a wall to see if it’ll stick.

Building upon decades of brand wisdom and execution experience, Blueprint advises companies on how to evolve their brands through innovative and commercially viable brand development and extension strategies. We assemble a group of seasoned professionals with deep and relevant expertise. In our past lives we’ve been merchants, brand owners, manufacturers, analysts, and creatives. We come from all over the globe. We see the world through different lenses and combine these perspectives to create multifaceted and diverse strategies.

We work with brands owners, retailers and manufacturers.

We uncover their path to growth and provide a road map to open doors to new markets, audiences and revenue. At a time when information is instantly available to consumers, brands must be smart about their evolution. They should consider and question before they act. And that’s what we do every day.