Beanstalk builds and extends brands through strategically designed, innovative and brand-aligned licensed products and services. For over three decades we have been pioneers of brand extension licensing, giving us an in-depth knowledge of the marketplaceā€™s nuances, shifts, and new directions. This has enabled our clients to reap the rewards of targeted brand extension programs with minimal risk.

We are passionate about excellence in client service. Our account teams are equipped to provide the most effective and comprehensive expertise on strategic brand extensions for our clients. We are staffed to ensure each team has extensive knowledge of the relevant marketplace, possesses strategic acumen and is skilled in spotting trends. Clients benefit from our staff of category experts across apparel, home, food, hardware, consumer electronics, health and beauty, toys and gifts, and publishing, among others.

Our global network allows us to develop and manage licensing programs for both local and multi-national clients. Whether brand extensions span across Europe, Asia, Latin America, or the U.S., our clients can expect the same level of service excellence the world over.

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