What is licensing? With its many benefits, licensing can be one of the most powerful tools in a brand’s marketing arsenal. In today’s fragmented marketplace, strategic brand licensing is among the most authentic and credible forms of communication, providing consumers with additional opportunities to interact with a brand in fresh and exciting ways. By integrating brands throughout daily life, licensed products forge a richer connection between the consumer and the core brand.

Licensing enhances a brand’s image and positioning, generates revenue through the sale of products, adds consumer touch points while increasing the popularity and profitability of brands. A well-defined, strategic licensing program promotes, supports, and protects a company or celebrities’ most precious asset – its name.

Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles + Fisher-Price = strategic brand licensing such as this children's Harley-Davidson Power Wheels motorcycle.

For examples of how licensing can extend a brand’s reach, please see our case studies.

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