Comprehensive legal and financial services are the technical backbone of a world-class licensing program.

Legal Services

With negotiation experience spanning nearly three decades, our in-house legal team has worked on agreements in virtually every product category across four continents. We provide a state-of-the-art license agreement template which is tailored for our clients’ benefit and protection and continuously updated to reflect the latest intellectual property laws and industry trends. We utilize a cutting-edge, proprietary contract management system and conduct financial and contractual integrity validation and verification for all license agreements on an ongoing basis.

Financial Services

Our dedicated team of finance professionals monitors all financial requirements specified in a license agreement. Resources are dedicated to diligently invoicing, collecting and verifying all royalties reported and cash received from licensees. We conduct forecasts and financial analysis to understand historical and forward-looking trends in the sales and royalties of clients’ licensing programs, utilizing world-class data warehouse, forecasting and reporting systems. We maintain robust internal controls and processes to ensure that proper financial reporting protocols are followed throughout the life of the licensing program.