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A must-read for any business executive looking to strengthen a famous or not-so-famous brand. Stone provides invaluable insights into the workings of brand licensing, its best practices , as well as potential pitfalls. The plentiful case studies presented illuminate the critical role licensing does and can play in the retail and marketing environment, today and in the future.

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Steve Sadove

Former Chair and CEO, Saks Inc.,

Founding Partner of JW Levin Management Partners

“Michael Stone, in The Power of Licensing, provides an original, focused, and long overdue look at the role licensing can play within a truly integrated brand strategy. His knowledge, experience, and passion for his subject matter is evident throughout the book and in the many examples and case studies illustrating how licensing has been used by world-class brands. Informative, powerful, and engaging!

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John Trebbien

Director of Global Trademark Licensing

Procter & Gamble


In The Power of Licensing, Michael Stone brings together in a single volume all that anyone needs to know about the why, how, and when of brand licensing. His over 30 years of direct experience are evident on every page. The book will certainly become a true gift on the desk of every thoughtful brand executive!

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Len Schlesinger

Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

Former Vice Chairman and COO, Limited (now L) Brands

The Power of Licensing provides a penetrating perspective on brand licensing based on the author’s 30 year of experience working with brands worldwide. Set in the context of today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, the author positions licensing as an essential and vital communications tools. This book is a true game changer!

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Tom Watson

Co-founder, Omnicom Group, Inc.;

Dean Emeritus, Omnicom University

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