Beanstalk to Represent Performance Artist Pandemonia

New York, NY September 18, 2018 – Pandemonia, a performative and traditional artist, has signed an exclusive representation agreement for licensing with Beanstalk.

Pandemonia is a character and persona created as conceptual art by an anonymous London-based artist that has appeared in the art and fashion world since 2009. Clad in a latex full-head mask with stylized hair and latex dresses, Pandemonia is seven feet tall and is often accompanied by an inflatable white dog named Snowy. Her persona is made entirely of latex and thus her artwork is the natural progression and continuation of Pop Art

In a world where we are constantly assaulted - visually, aurally, and by an incessant, frenzied media, Pandemonia manages to achieve something of a modern miracle: she gets people’s attention. Pandemonia always draws a crowd on the street, fascinating people who are bewildered and intrigued to know more. Because she’s so visually curious, Pandemonia has received media coverage in Vogue Italia, Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar, Hello!, OK!, and the New York Times, among others

Beanstalk sees advertising and promotional opportunity for Pandemonia with brands in Asia and with high fashion brands – both milieus that can appreciate her sophisticated, plasticine aesthetic. There is also opportunity with more mainstream brands that can embrace Pandemonia as the wonderful curiosity she is.

“We came to represent Pandemonia as an Icon because she’s a singularity,” says Martin Cribbs, VP, Brand Management. “Dually, she’s a icon, an anthropomorphic latex statuette. From a brand perspective, she embodies the sophisticated, plasticine aesthetic of a Harajuku toy that appeals to both luxury and mainstream consumers. You don’t have to know anything about who or what she is to delight in her being.”

Pandemonia commented on the partnership with Beanstalk saying, “I’m looking forward to working with Beanstalk. It is exciting to be with a team that appreciates the art behind Pandemonia and is committed to cultivating her message.”

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