PRIDE & Harvey Milk

June 26, 2019 | By: Martin Cribbs - For me, PRIDE Month brings to mind Harvey Milk and his increasingly meaningful legacy. Milk’s message, that fearlessness was the key to personal freedom, inspired hope in a segment of the population that had no confidence their voices would be heard or respected. One of the world’s first openly gay elected officials and, I believe, history’s most important gay icon, he was brutally assassinated in San Francisco in 1978. The city’s mayor, George Moscone, was also tragically killed.

Like most notable people that become legendary icons, Harvey Milk’s legacy grew slowly over time. As the culture changed, and we needed role models and new paradigms for how to live, Mik’s courage, integrity and belief in equal rights for ALL people, has become part of who we aspire to be.

Harvey’s profound truth, that “hope will never be silent,” resonates now more than ever before. Many of today’s key influencers carry on his message of empowerment and, in fact, live it every day: CoverGirl’s James Charles, Ellen DeGeneres and Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek are a few notable examples.

In addition, Harvey’s legacy lives on through the Harvey Milk Foundation that helps empower marginalized local LGBTQ communities, worldwide. The Foundation is run by Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, a tireless advocate across the globe to educate and further the message of inclusion and acceptance.

At Beanstalk, we are honored to be associated with Milk’s legacy and the work of Harvey Milk Foundation. The work we do helps fund the Foundation and advance their mission to inspire individuals, communities and organizations to carry on Harvey’s values and dream for a better world.