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A Proust Questionnaire for Personality Brands: Mahatma Gandhi

New York, NY, January 24, 2019 | By: Martin Cribbs

Most celebrities aren't brands. Legendary icons are. In this month’s Proust Questionnaire for Personality Brands, we're focusing on Mahatma Gandhi this month. Martin Cribbs, Vice President of Icon Representation at Beanstalk, discusses representing the Mahatma Gandhi estate and his legacy today.

A Proust Questionnaire for Personality Brands: Harvey Milk

In a famous episode of HBO’s hit series Entourage, the main character Vincent Chase goes from talent agency to talent agency, with each firm promising to make him a “brand.” Unbeknownst to each agency Chase visits, every pitch is presented as an original, brilliant, never-been-done-before idea.