Brand Licensing

The Power of Licensing #9: 10 Brand Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

January 28, 2019 | By: Michael Stone, Co-founder and Chairman, Beanstalk

We are living in a time of radical transformation as the retail ecosystem continues to change at an accelerated pace (that shouldn’t surprise anyone). Where, when and how consumers buy goods is changing and we all need to keep up with the trends that are already having an impact if we want to succeed. So, what macro trends already affecting brand marketing and consumer behavior should we be paying even more attention to in the new year?

Brand Licensing’s Rising Value In The Digital Age

New York, NY, December 20, 2018 | By: Michael Stone, Co-founder and Chairman, Beanstalk

Brand licensing is one of the most powerful ways to make the most out of an already strong brand because of its ability to extend brands to products outside the brand’s core business, reach new and existing consumer segments at new touch points and support and communicate brand equities

brandchannel: Brandspeak: 7 Benefits of Brand Licensing

By Michael Stone - Why are corporate marketing leaders and others turning to licensing as never before? With the exponential growth of targeted marketing through the internet, the decline of traditional advertising, and the readily available information about products on the internet, brand owners are now compelled

Tinderbox Signs First Boyswear Licensee for Blockbuster Science Fiction Franchise, “Halo”

October 11, 2016, London, U.K., – Tinderbox, the digital division of global brand extension agency Beanstalk, has added Blues Clothing Limited to the growing success of the Consumer Products licensing programme for the blockbuster science fiction franchise, Halo®.