Power of Licensing #10: What Do Plus-Size Apparel, Cannabis And eSports All Have In Common? Part One Of A Three-Part Series

July 29, 2019 | By: Michael Stone, Chairman & Co-founder of Beanstalk

If you live long enough, you see a lot of products and, indeed, entire product categories come and go. In the present time, much of this change has been driven by technology. CD players are gone; Spotify is here. Filofax disappeared, and we now have calendars and notes on our phones. Who needs paper maps when there is Google maps?

Licensing Expo 2019: Five Trends Ahead for the Licensing Industry

June 28, 2019 | By: Allison Ames, President & CEO of Beanstalk

Beanstalk has returned from Licensing Expo 2019 full of enthusiasm and excitement for the continued evolution of the licensing industry. My experience in Las Vegas only reinforces the view that brand licensing will play an increasingly powerful role on the retail “battlefield.” Licensing is clearly the stealth tool for smart brands that need to connect with customers amid the influx of new competitors and marketing messages flowing through all channels.